Hello! I'm Ali Burgoon.

I'm a twenty-something girl living in Chicago working as a hospitality interior designer at a firm in the loop. This little piece of cyberspace is full of content from my photo sessions as well as personal photo work... I'm so glad you've stopped by! 

In college I debated between majoring in interior design or photography, but ended up with a diploma for the former. After a year in the work force I realized I missed picking up my camera and started doing portrait work in my free time. Sometimes you can eat your cake and have it, too!

Between photography and all things design-related, I enjoy biking, yoga, and creating anything and everything with my hands (knitting and cooking are high on that list!). I'm a major people person which is probably why I'm so drawn to portrait work. There's something about capturing emotion and raw moments that has me totally addicted.

Feel free to fill out the contact page or reach out to me directly: