Catherine & Claire 1 Year | Portraits

Every Christmas I go with my family to my uncle's lakehouse in South Haven, Michigan for the holidays. It's the best way to take things slow and get to enjoy quality time with each other. These days it feels like we have new additions every year and living quarters get tighter! 

This year was the first Christmas my twin cousins were up at the lakehouse. Amidst all the wiggly, crawling, and *almost* walking my sister Jacquie (thanks sis!) and I snapped a few one-year pics of the little ladies. Happy first birthday Catherine & Claire!

P.S. They are the BEST babies ever! I don't know how their parents do it! 

[There's Jacquie in the background!]

And finally, the only shot we got of everyone looking at the camera with their eyes open! Let me tell you... that is not easy to do!