Copenhagen | Burgoon Family Trip

As some of you might know, I went to Scandinavia a few weeks ago with my whole family of 7 to visit my younger brother studying abroad in Stockholm. We hadn't all been on a vacation together in 9 years so it was AWESOME to get to spend more than a few days together exploring places none of us have been! We're more into "adventure" vacations so this trip was right up our alley.

Conveniently, Ryan and both my sisters who are teachers were on spring break the same week! With 5 different flight itineraries arriving & departing Scandinavia, Chrissy B had the organization and planning on lock down (if anyone is headed to Scandinavia hit me up! I have the itinerary of all itineraries). But interestingly enough, we actually did not have a set agenda going into the trip! Rick Steve's lead the way day by day and it worked out great (in fact, my mom referred to it as her bible). So without further ado, here is part I of Burgoonapalooza: Scandinavia edition.