Stockholm | Burgoon Family Trip

Next up was Stockholm, where my younger brother, Ryan, is studying abroad (aka the reason for this whole trip). We took a quick 1hr flight then a train into the city center. Stockholm is on a much larger scale than Copenhagen and the central train station/subway station (T-Centralen) only amplifies that! There are 3 subway lines all running on top of each other underground. The lowest line goes down 100'! At times it seriously felt like I was taking the escalator to the core of the Earth. Luckily we had a seasoned vet at the metro system with us (Steven, watch out Ry is coming up on your heels with the navigating)!

Anyway, Stockholm had a lot of similarities to Denmark but also a lot of differences. It was very interesting how these 3 countries have completely intertwined histories and are truly a region, yet have their own distinct differences. For example, each country has their own currency & language. Luckily they are all fabulous english speakers so it's quite easy to get around as a tourist! Anyway, below are my favorite images from Stockholm.