Bergen | Burgoon Family Trip

Saved the best for last... Norway! The first slideshow below has photos from the town of Bergen (2nd largest city in Norway, behind Oslo) where we stayed. It was perfectly quaint.. reminded me of some of the towns I've been to in Switzerland & Austria! Apparently it rains 300 days out of the year in this city... I got lucky and snapped a few photos when the sun peeked out! There was definitely no shortage of rain during our trip though.

The second slideshow of images below are from the "Norway in a Nutshell" excursion we did... probably my favorite thing we did during the entire trip! Here was the run down: We road the Bergen Railway to Myrdal. Switched to the Flåm Railway for a scenic train ride. Spent a few hours in Flåm and took a mini bus up to the Stegastein lookout--absolutely stunning! Incredible views of the Aurlandsfjord which we were about to cruise down. Bused back down the mountain to board our boat cruise down the fjord. It was quite chilly.. still winter in Norway! Then bus & train back to Bergen. A total of a 12hr tour! This was the one day on our 10-day trip where we did not break 17,000 steps (TG for all the sitting on this one). All the views were gorgeous we learned so much about this country. Because it's so mountainous it is very easily differentiated from Sweden & Denmark--in terms of lifestyle and landscape.

While you can truly visit Norway any season and have a fabulous time, I definitely have coming back in the summer on my bucket list so I can do some hiking--like to the Trolltunga cliff! And I'd also love to go up north in Sweden or Norway to see the ice hotel, Lofoten Island, & the Northern Lights. You really can't go wrong! Norway, I hope we meet again someday. You're a beaut.