Maggie & JT | Proposal

In honor of Maggie & JT being engaged for 1 month today, here are the photos I took of JT proposing! I knew both Maggie & JT at Mizzou--the 3 of us were tour guides together--so when JT reached out a few months back that they'd be in Chicago and he was planning to propose under the Wrigley building, I was more than THRILLED he asked me to capture their moment! 

Going into this shoot I swear I was more nervous than JT. There's something about photographing a proposal that is the MOST fun/exciting thing ever to photograph but also the MOST nerve-wracking!! So many variables that could not pan out as expected (like street performers in the exact location of the proposal... thank god they moved 5min before JT & Maggie arrived!), and on top of that, I wanted to be sure Maggie didn't see me (for future reference, a Cubs hat + sunglasses did the trick)! 

The proposal went off without a hitch (HOW cute are they!!) and Maggie was even more surprised when she saw all their family and friends at River Roast to congratulate them!

Maggie & JT--my best wishes to you. One of the sweetest, most genuine and incredibly accomplished couple I know. You two make a fabulous duo and I'm so excited for your many joyous years ahead! XO!