Margo + Sam | Engaged

This is my first shoot of 2018 which means I had to create a new folder on my laptop... and I realized this is my fifth calendar year doing this little side hustle! How in the world did that happen!? Thank you to everyone who has followed along my work--it has evolved so much over the past few years and I hope to continue growing as a photographer in my free time in the years to come!

Margo & Sam are such an easy going light hearted couple. They reached out a few weeks ago and we lucked out that on the day of our shoot we had a heat wave in Chicago! And by heat wave, I mean it was just above 20 degrees. This didn't deter them at all! It was a bit windy by the lake but the water was the most gorgeous blue--almost looked like an ombre background in some shots. And the best part is that we were the only people around--it felt like our little snowglobe! I've never done an outdoor shoot in January, but I've gotta say, it was quite lovely! Margo & Sam--thanks for trusting me and sticking it out through the cold. Best wishes to you both with the rest of your engagement!