Seoul, South Korea was our second stop. Though Shanghai soup dumplings were the clear star of our trip (still dream about them), we really loved Korean food, too!! It's safe to say we ate our way through China + SK. Almost every day revolved around where we could get the best bibimbap, bulgogi, or korean barbecue and each place really outdid themselves (especially the hole in the walls!).

We spent 2 days here before headed to the Olympics (a few hours away on the train), then my sister Dani & I pampered ourselves for a day and a half on the back end before flying home. Seoul was a different change of scenery from Shanghai as it is a relatively new city and much smaller. We really enjoyed shopping/walking around Insadong & Bukchon Hanok Village. We went to the Noryangjin Fisheries Market one night which was quite the experience! After about an hour of realizing the only way we were going to get dinner was by communicating with our hands and a calculator, we were finally on our way to a fresh salmon feast. After purchasing the raw fish, someone brought us to a room nearby where we sat on the floor with our shoes off and they brought us all sorts of Korean condiments to enjoy. We all ate more salmon than I ever could've imagined, chased by tasty Soju of course! 

Fast forward to after the Olympics, Dani and I were absolutely beat. The boys were headed back to the States so we balled out at the Shilla Seoul. I really wanted to experience a luxury Asian brand hotel and I highly recommend this one! Though South Korea is about the same if not a little more expensive than the US with most things, the hotels are super affordable! I have never had a more amazing hotel stay which was so appreciated at the end of our trip (A+ bathroom experience!). During our last few days we spent a lot of time at our hotel, stocked up on all the Korean skincare (I have so many recs!), and had our first and last traditional Korean spa experience.

To this day my favorite thing about Korea is the bathrooms. Let me tell you, a heated toilet seat when it's 20 degrees out is LIFE CHANGING! When will the states jump on board that bandwagon!?